CSUN (re)visited

A few years ago I wrote about the difficulties of attending CSUN, the largest annual conference focusing on technology and disability. This year, I finally made it to the conference, so it seemed appropriate to write a follow-up post on my reflections, now that I’m back home.

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Speaking at a real conference in a virtual world

I recently spoke at a conference in a brand new territory for me—Second Life. I gave a session at the International Disability Rights Affirmation Conference (IDRAC 2014), organised by Virtual Ability Inc, a non-profit organisation with a focus on supporting people with a range of disabilities in the use of virtual worlds. It was a novel and fascinating experience for me, and gave me a great new perspective on accessible user experience design.

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Thoughts on professional accreditation in digital accessibility

I’ve been working (more or less) full time in digital accessibility for quite some time now, so naturally I’ve watched with great interest the unfolding developments in recent years towards establishing the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP), and specifically IAAP’s focus on the subject of individual accreditation of accessibility professionals. I was involved in a few very early discussions, I work for a founder member organization of IAAP, and I’ve had some discussions with colleagues more closely involved. But aside from that I’ve had no direct involvement, so these opinions are my own, as a curious potential member looking in from the outside. Continue reading Thoughts on professional accreditation in digital accessibility