Thoughts on professional accreditation in digital accessibility

I’ve been working (more or less) full time in digital accessibility for quite some time now, so naturally I’ve watched with great interest the unfolding developments in recent years towards establishing the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP), and specifically IAAP’s focus on the subject of individual accreditation of accessibility professionals. I was involved in a few very early discussions, I work for a founder member organization of IAAP, and I’ve had some discussions with colleagues more closely involved. But aside from that I’ve had no direct involvement, so these opinions are my own, as a curious potential member looking in from the outside. Continue reading

UX Scotland – a review

A new, two day conference on user experience – UX Scotland – was a very welcome addition to the conference calendar. I don’t recall such a significant dedicated user experience conference having been held in Scotland before, so I was pleased that I could attend the first day of the conference, held at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh. Here are my thoughts on the sessions I attended. Continue reading

Time for a change

I arrived at the University of Dundee as a mature student in 1998, to take one year out to get an MSc in Applied Computing, and then go back into industry. Well, it took me rather longer than a year…as in the intervening time I found myself developing for myself a hybrid role of accessibility and inclusive design researcher, teacher and consultant. It’s been (mostly) terrific fun, but it came to an end this week as I start a new job with The Paciello Group. Continue reading